Minuteman Enspire 600 UPS

The Minuteman® EnSpire™ Series UPS.

Price: $230.00



The Minuteman® EnSpire™ Series UPS is an exciting new UPS line that provides the features needed to protect your valuable equipment in a low-cost product.  Each unit has six outlets; three provide battery support along with spike and surge protection only and three with spike and surge protection only. In addition, two of the outlets are specifically spaced to support transformer blocks.  The EnSpire UPS has a small footprint and is uniquely designed with outlets on the top for placement on or under a desk or table and both models can be wall mounted.


Product Model EN600
Maximum Power Capacity 600VA / 300W
Product Type / Topology Standby UPS
Receptacles Phone / Fax / Network Port

AC Input Circuit Breaker

AC Input Power Cord

3 Battery Backup & Surge Outlets

3 Surge-only Outlets

Back-up Time Full load: 3.2 minutes

Half load: 8.9 minutes

Input Voltage / Input Voltage Range 110/120 VAC / 100-140 VAC
Surge Rating 320J
Output Voltage Regulation ± 5% (Battery Mode)
Transfer Time Typical 6-8mS (10mS max)
Charging Time 8 Hours recovery to 90% capacity
Form (Dimensions) Small Form Desktop Model (12"x5"x3.5")
Weight (Approximate) 7.05 lbs or 3.20 kg